Old Age Home

This is really a new experience for us too.

A concept for old age people is designed and introduced for the care of old age people who's beloved is too far from them and no one can take care of them. So, we at Mummy Daddy takes care of old people and share their emotions with them every way. The concept is something different than other old age homes.... Mummy Daddy offer's a feel at home atmosphere and love 'n' care for old age people. We got the enthusiasm on this project from the world of "Don't forget your father and mother (The Seen GOD) in their old age." This project really useful for Senior Citizen of Saurashtra / Kutch Region.

Mummy Daddy offer Five Star equivalent facilities to the old age people. Senior Citizen from different segment can enjoy the facility through paying monthly or yearly membership fees of the Old age home.

Our well experienced professional staff are able to use the modern facilities to provide a secure, stable and comfortable environment for the in house residents. Residents are encouraged to enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Our aim is to create a homely atmosphere where family and friends are always at hand. Informal visits are always welcome at any time with or without an appointment. Also each day at least 300-400 people should visit Mummy Daddy and Saturday/Sunday and holidays approx 800-1000 people may walk in and all can enjoy too.

This concept is something different. Look forward to have more and more experience contact us........